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Soccer Home

Uniform checkout form

New Varsity Uniform kits

Both white and navy kits will come in long and short sleeve

Current schedules

Please use the links below to access the 2017 LN women's soccer schedules as of today 12/5.  Please be advised that these are living documents that are subject to change without notice.  We will do our best to notify parents and players when adjustments are made.  There are no tournament or showcase dates and times on these at this time.




Varsity only


C-team only

Parkway showcase information

Here is web page for the showcase we will participate in.  Dates this year are March 31 and April 1.  They haven't published the match ups yet, but the event has grown from 75 teams last year to nearly 90.  


If families plan to attend the event, rooms have been blocked off by the event in three hotels (Sheraton Chalet, Sheraton Plaza and Double Tree at Westport).  Space is limited and we are blocking off rooms at Sheraton Chalet. The plaza and chalet are across the parking lot from one another and the Double Tree is about a mile away.  All are about 10 miles from the park.  Room rates at the plaza and Double Tree are $95 and the chalet is $99.  You can book a room with Patti Miller <>.  Currently the only rooms available at the plaza are King with pullout couches.


More information will be posted here as I have it.  See you all Sunday bright and early (4:15) at LNHS for parking.  I am overwhelmed at the effort shown towards meeting the fundraising goal to pay for this.  Congratulations to those who have worked so hard.


Stadium Update

Today marks the 60 day mark of the fundraising campaign. There has been fantastic response from the business community thus far. Eleven of the 14 large sponsorship and marketing ticket items are committed at the two complexes . (rights to complex, field, stadium seating, convenience building etc etc) It is expected that the other three will be committed in next two weeks.


Finalizing contracts is in process. Crossley Ford and Liberty Hospital are two of the lead and major donors. More will be announced once contracts are signed. If any parent who owns a business is interested in a business sponsorship please let me know and I will get you in touch with the right people. 


The charitable giving of individuals is always in need of constant support and promotion.  Please consider taking action. Now is the time to give for any individual who wants to financially support this project. In the coming weeks we will come out with 2 and 3 year giving plan options... so giving can be set up to draft automatically monthly, annually or all at once. If you are ready to donate...go to LSDF.ORG and click on the BUILDING PRIDE tab or logo.


The time to give is now...we want to begin moving dirt in March in order to get these complexes complete by next September.  Time is of the essence. We can get this done but we need the help of everyone. The first 60 days of the campaign has been fantastic...onward and upward!


Thank you to all those who have already help us accomplish so much.

Soccer Fundraising

All Players and parents from all levels,

I am not a huge fan of fundraising and have resisted it for most of my career, but a need arose last season and it worked out pretty well.  We still have the same need, but since we were already committing to doing some sort of fundraising I looked around at the things that all levels are asked to spend money on and thought that I’d offer up some ways to help families cover some of those costs.  


All Returning and New Players:

Historically Junior Varsity and Varsity families are asked to pay a flat fee to cover the cost of after school meals on days when we have away games.  Those meals give the girls a way to get some nutrition into their bodies either before they compete or immediately after without having to stop on the way home.  I have spoken with our Eagle Club rep and we believe offering families a way to cover that cost while helping the program is a positive solution.  We plan on offering a couple different fundraising option that will allow you to raise not only money to cover the cost associated with your team, your meals, but also additional money to cover the cost of a family’s Eagle Club annual dues which benefits not only our program, but the larger school community as well.  


Last year’s meals were $5/meal and family Eagle Club dues are $25. Membership in EC provides scholarship opportunities for student members while helping your team and while not required each family is encouraged to participate.


Returning Varsity Players:  

Varsity players last season decided they wanted to attend an overnight event in St. Louis which fell outside our school supplied budget.  We held a meeting last week to see if this was something they wanted to continue and they all agreed it was a good experience.  Players asked if they could improve transportation and meal and I agreed I’d look into it.  Last season we raised $1200 and it covered transportation and rooms 4/room.  Upgrading transportation would add about $1200 more.  To cover the additional cost of the upgrade each returning varsity family would need to raise $150.  We also plan on offering all families of players on all levels the opportunity to continue to fundraise until they have their away game travel meals paid for as well.


Current Financial Obligations of each Family (all levels)

We encourage everyone to fundraise to the level you wish, below are the available options at this time and the level of expectation for each family. My hope is that you have to write as few checks as possible and I hope these opportunities help you do this.  If you would prefer not to fundraise at all, trip and away meals fees are not due until the start of the season but you can enroll in Eagle Club at any time, visit to join. Be sure to indicate your support to girls soccer, as a portion of your dues benefits the team.


J.V. meals only = $40

J.V. meals + EC = $65

V. St. L. trip = $150

V. St. L. trip + meals = $200

V. St. L. trip + meals + EC = $225


Candy fundraising only:

(All Levels) Away meals =  2 full boxes sold

(All Levels) Away meals + EC dues = $ 75 or 3 full boxes sold

(Varsity) Showcase costs = $150 or 6 full boxes sold

(Varsity) Showcase costs + Away meals = $200 8 full boxes sold

(Varsity) Showcase costs + Away meals + EC dues = $225 9 boxes sold


Chiefs Parking:  Please Click Here to sign up.

Each person who works the entire shift earns $10/hr.  The shift is approximately 6 hours long and begins very early in the morning.  The date we have chosen is Nov. 6.  The shift is over about midway through the first quarter and you may enter the stadium and watch the remainder of the game for free if you wish.  If you would rather NOT sell anything this is a great option.  Members of your family can work one day and you are done.  If you are a varsity team member you may have more than one person in your family work to cover all of your costs or combine selling with working this game.


(All Levels) All away meals = 1 person

(All Levels) All away meals and EC family membership = 2 people

(Varsity) $60 of the $150 for St. L. trip = 1 person

(Varsity) Full cost of St. L. trip = 3 people

(Varsity) Full cost of St. L. trip + All away meals + EC family membership = 4 people


Candy and Chiefs:

If you don’t have enough people to work the chief’s game to cover your full cost and want to sell candy to cover the rest that is great.  Each family member who works constitutes an additional $60 and each box of candy sold constitutes $25.


(Varsity) $60 + 4 boxes of candy = full cost of St.L. trip

(Varsity) $60 + 6 boxes of candy = St. L. trip and away meals

(Varsity) $60 + 7 boxes of candy = St. L. trip, away meals and EC membership


I’m trying to make this as flexible for families as possible so you can participate to the level your schedule and your checking account can bear.  We’d love for everyone to participate in some fashion.  If you have questions you may reach me at 816-509-1776 or by email at


Steven L. Person

LNHS women’s head soccer coach


2016 All Conference Selections

All-Conference Award Winners

Take a minute to congratulate our representatives on the All-Conference lists of players.  These individual awards are a testament to their commitment to the team and the team to them.  While we pat the individuals on the back you ALL should all share in them and treat them as your own.

Eagle All-Conference Honorees 2015

2015 Season Information

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2016 Platte Co. Tournament Champions

2016 Platte Co. Tournament Champions

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